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Mason Lee
Posted Nov 25 - Read on Facebook

I am trying to prototype the site for mobile and there are going to be about 12 different pages. How would you guys go about making page transitions of 12 pages? Would you guys hide a page and show next page? how about going to the previous page? For example, how can I make a one back button go to the previous page whichever the current page is?

Basically, how can I best represent mobile website page transitions?
Any recommendations/tips would be helpful.


Min-Sang Choi

I'd rather dynamically create page and destroy it on dismiss. check this example by Ed Chao :

John Anthony Evans

You could just make a framer per page and just link to each page and let the browser do its thing. Unless of course I missed something? You can use iframes to create the url schema you want also.

Mason Lee

Thank you very much for the example file Min-Sang Choi. Currently I am not sure if the layout fits to the page flow that I am thinking. But I will think about it.

Mason Lee

John Anthony Evans Can you elaborate what you mean by "use iframes to create the url schema"? Do you mean linking a specific layer to specific page?

John Anthony Evans

If you have three pagesyou want to prototype and you know what schema you want eg:

You can make those three files and inside each one use an iframe to embed the correct framer. That way you get your multiple pages, with the correct back behavior and loading.

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