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Tarun Chakravorty
Posted Nov 26 - Read on Facebook

quick question for this group: Is there a way for me to see (print, console log) the hierarchy of all the layers in my framer project?

As i add more things into a prototype, it becomes really hard to keep track of what layers are on top.


Tarun Chakravorty

bumping this back up in case someone knows the answer. My layers are getting really crazy, lol.

David Wertheimer

I asked this question a couple of times also...thought I was the only one who had this issue (wondering what layers were actually where in the hierarchy after manipulation).

So, I HACKED together a quick set of functions to sort and output the layer hierarchy on the screen (sorted by layer group then z-index). You can call printLayerList once at load or after whatever event you want.

Sharing the ugly code with everyone in case it:
a) helps you
b) inspires someone else to write a more elegant version
c) inspires Koen and friends to incorporate a function like this into the Studio

Sample code:

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