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Jonny Strömberg
Posted Nov 23 - Read on Facebook

When importing files from Sketch everything outside the artboard is cut off. This is a bit frustrating when you want to move things partly off the screen, and especially when layers are larger than the artboard.

How do you usually solve this issue?


Andreas Wahlström

I usually avoid artboards for this reason. you can group all your layers in the layerlist and then set that group as a sublayer to a superlayer with clip: true in code. would that work?

Brandon Souba

Just move the layers offscreen in framer after import.

Jonny Strömberg

Interesting Andreas! I'll look into that!

Brandon: Yeah, true, but sometimes that really tiresome and time consuming :( ...and if a layer (like some kind of background) is larger than the artboard it doesn't work.

My hope is that there is a great trick that I don't know about ;)

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