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Marc Bodmer
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

I've been experiencing an issue when using masks in Sketch. When I import a group with a mask + layer inside into Framer, Framer seems to be stretching the image some amount (2x or 3x times the size)... The way I went around this was to just export the image as jpeg and reimport it into Sketch. I couldn't find any information if this was a bug or not.


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Marc, I believe it is the same issue I faced, so... make sure you put a fill in the mask shape. It fixes the problems. If you just apply the mask it will happen what you mentioned.

Marc Bodmer

Yep! This fixes the problem.

Garrett Murray

So the problem with this fix is it requires a mask to have a fill, which isn't always what I want. I have an oval mask right now that is a mask only, I don't want it to have a fill. But if I don't give it one, Framer blows the whole thing up. Koen Bok any ideas on a work-around/fix for this?

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