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Propeller Katapulsky
Posted Oct 23 - Read on Facebook

is it possible to create a website with framer? excuse my missing knowledge but i am confused about the term "prototyping". my thinking is: if i create a website with framer and upload it to my server - will it be working on all browsers (also mobile devices)?


Anders Hedwig

Nope, framer is only compatible to Webkit Browsers (Chrome Safari)


Propeller Katapulsky

oh, i see (now). thank you for the information.

Anders Hedwig

You're welcome :)

Propeller Katapulsky

and actually i am sad now.

Денис Дрожжов

Well, it can be incompartible with Firefox, but what about preview in Chrome via internet? Is there a way to deploy framer app on a server?

Buck Wilson

I need me some cross-browser spring()

Koen Bok

Buck check out velocity.js

Buck Wilson

Yasss how did I not know of this.

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

I presented a full framer prototype in firefox just replacing -webkit with -moz prefix (find and replace). So it is incompatible out of the box, but there's a way of supporting it. ( I thought it would really break in other places )

Jord Rusty

@Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira its good to hear that the browser compatibility issie can be fixed. I'm seriously looking into using Framer in production for mobile websites

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Jord Rutty not recommended ;) It was not done with that intention ever...

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