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Koen Bok
Posted Nov 19 - Read on Facebook

I was just checking some stats and it seems that about half of you are still on 10.9. That is fine, but keep in mind that the (free) upgrade to Yosemite will really improve Framer Studio.

So if you see editor lag on larger projects, or can use a speed bump for rendering prototypes, this is the fix.


Robyn Morris

It's true. Yosemite changed the game for me using Framer Studio.

Seoh Char

but Yosemite(safari 8) throws CORS problem :(

John Anthony Evans

Some of us in corporations can't update OS X right away; this might play a part.

Simon Rood

Seoh; you van use chrome right?

Andreas Mitschke

I'm using ST for the app.js, can't use framer waiting for Win version ^^

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