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Noam Elbaz
Posted Nov 19 - Read on Facebook

box_animation = new Animation({
layer: box
properties: {y: 400}
How can I include multiple layers and parts in an animation?
Is something like this possible?
boxes_animation = new Animation({
layer: box1
properties: {y: 400}
layer: box2
properties: {x: 400}
layer: box3
properties: {scale: 2}


Seoh Char

I prefer to use this way.

Noam Elbaz

Seoh Char let me make sure I understand.... what I want is 4 different animations to be grouped together.... start together and reverse animation together - using .reverse()... I dont want to have to create 4 seperate animations and reverse them seperately.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Noam Elbaz, few different ways you could go about this.

Using .animate:

Noam Elbaz

Benjamin Den Boer thanks alot. Functions! didnt think of that. 3 animations grouped with a function and their reverse. And using your syntax, I can throw any layer I want in to it.

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