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Patrik Makrai
Posted Nov 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi Everyone!

What do you think about setting up an official IRC channel to talk about questions easier and faster?

Sometimes I just have a small question and I don't want the 4000 members to have a notification about it.

Also, it can be any other platform if you have any suggestions.



Juan Sanchez

I actually set up a Framer Slack account, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to add people. Maybe a Google form?

Johannes Eckert
Juan Sanchez

Ok, let's give this a try. If you'd like to try the Framer Slack chat, please fill out this form and I'll add people as fast as I can:

Koen Bok
Juan Sanchez

Koen I sent you an invite a couple days ago. I'll resend.

Johannes Eckert

I didnt receive an email yet. What is the slack domain so I can try to request access from there

Juan Sanchez

Maybe it was blocked in spam. I'll resend. It's

Jonno Riekwel
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