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Brett Flower
Posted Nov 17 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to make all layers imported from a Sketch file scrollable within a layer called 'container' and I'm a bit stuck. Any hints?


Benjamin Den Boer

- Are all of the imported layers subLayers of the container? (Either set in Framer or Sketch)

- Does the height or width of the layers exceed that of the container?

Brett Flower

Hopefully this helps.
I'd planned on making the container layer in framer. But I'm not sure how to define all the imported layers as subLayers.

Benjamin Den Boer

Here's a simple example to help clarify. Layers are imported from Sketch, placed within a Framer-created container which is then made scrollable. The height of the content (260px) exceeds that of the container (200).

Download .framer file:
Download .sketch file:

Brett Flower

Ah thanks heaps, that works like a dream! :)

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