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Kai Oliver Reuter
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

Hello guys,

i want to manipulate a point within a svg path with framer. I have used paper.js and created the following code. I want to drag a layer and assign its position to a point within a svg path.

Hope you can help me.


Alvaro Lourenço

Couln't get it working either.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Kai, experimented a bit with Paper.js and got it to work with Dragging Events. The coordinates are assigned as points to the path, then simplified for smoothness. Hope this helps a bit. Fun stuff. :)


Kai Oliver Reuter

i've got it to work. Thanks!

Kostantinos Frantzis

Benjamin Den Boer How would you go about animating a layer along that path? preferably with custom animation options

Cyrus Cheng

why it can't work when i write the same codes in my framer?

Kai Oliver Reuter

hi, you have write instead of point.on

Benjamin Den Boer

Cyrus Cheng make sure you create a canvas element in the index.html of the prototype, too. :-)

Cyrus Cheng

But i can't see u index.html's canvas element in u code,it can read index.html file automatic?

Benjamin Den Boer

The canvas element needs to be added to the index.html within the .framer folder - not within the (which is the code you see within Framer Studio).

Victor Mark

Benjamin Den Boer is this still possible in the updated Framer Studio? I followed the steps for both the .coffee and .html, without success. any chance you can share the code?

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