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Anthony Roscoe
Posted Nov 16 - Read on Facebook

Sometimes I need to make it look like I'm typing something into an input. Here's an example of a little script I wrote to do that.


Koen Bok

This is cool. 2 nitpicks. You can make it look more natural looking by randomizing the delay a bit. Also, Utils.delay pretty much does the same as your delay function.

Fran Pérez

Thanks Anthony, this is exactly what I needed. You've just saved me some time here. I've took the liberty to edit your code and incorporate Koen suggestions. I hope you don't mind :)

Anthony Roscoe

Koen, appreciate the feedback. Still learning the API or I would have used Utils.delay. I like the idea of randomizing the time. When the sentence is longer is it will make things look noticeably nicer.

Fran, nice! Just like with Utils.delay, Utils.randomNumber is already a part of the API ;)

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