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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

I think I remember a few of you posting a few public pages with collections of demos and concepts of framer projects... can someone share that link please?

Also, is there a good place to look up what is suported in events? I'm asking for a co-worker so he can get more familar on his own.

Thanks in advance!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Jordan Robert Dobson, perhaps you're referring to this page by Ed Chao?

For supported events, check out our Docs:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes I was speaking of that page from Ed Chao... I thought there was another with more than just his work however. That's a great resource though.

I'm not seeing the available properties of an event on your docs however. Things like offsetX, speedX, velocity, deltas, etc I know how to dig them up via github sorta... just trying to help with a coworkers frustration.

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