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Amir Hossein Arabkheradmand
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook


Hello framerers!
I've a scrollable layer (which scrolls in it's superlayer) but I can't make it draggable on mobile. Think about it in this way:
I've 3 screens side by side, that I want to swipe between them. Each of them are scrollable (like your twitter app).
they are scrollable and draggable on framer studio (on mac), but I can't drag them on my phone.

I assume there's something about the superlayer thing that makes it not reacting to my drag on the iPhone. Any clue?


Koen Bok

Could be a lot of things. Is there any way you can share your project or re create one that has the issue?

Koen Bok

Some things to check:

- Is any layer above it eating up the events and not passing them along?
- Are you using desktop specific events?
- Also maybe look into desktop/mobile differences with the scroll view. They do a lot of special performance optimizations on mobile.

Amir Hossein Arabkheradmand

Good point Koen! Where can I see the difference between desktop/mobile events?!

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