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Metin Saray
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

I just want to know if there's a quick way to trigger the "next" animation, instead of calculation delays and durations.

What i want is, to set up my animations, then execute them one-by-one.

Any technique appreciated,



Metin Saray

Oh! and another one; i am trying to create an "intro" animation, and i want to call the other animation by swiping. Is there any examples you can link me? I'd figure the rest, thanks.

Seoh Char

Did you find `Events.AnimationEnd`? Here is quick and dirty example

Metin Saray

Seoh Char oh, cool i think i'll figure out the rest. I can make that Event listen to Swipe, can i?

Seoh Char

I think it could help you. Nice example about swipe/drag‘.

Metin Saray

Thanks a lot, you just saved me lots of internet.

James Caruso

I think you could do something like .on Events.DragEnd, -> and that might trigger it?

Metin Saray

James YetiMade Caruso that might indeed. But maybe it would then listen all the drag actions. Even if you dont swipe right. But yeah, as a demonstration, nice quick tip. Thanks!

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