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Simon Rood
Posted Nov 13 - Read on Facebook

Interaction idea to explain different parts of a graph on mobile. Nothing fancy, was fiddling around with FramerJS and Sketch.


Cemre Güngör

It could move a little more slowly so the motion is clearer :)

Simon Rood

Thanks, will work on that, although I will have to separate the animations on the object. (the up-spring interaction is too fast, but the down spring is good). I can probably do that with an if else statement and check the object state.

Aaron Carámbula

This is cool! What if the rest of the chart faded and shrank back rather than flying up? Or moved offscreen left and right? I think one part of the "too fast" problem is that there is a big chunk of the screen moving one way and the focus moves the opposite way.

Simon Rood

That actually is a pretty good idea Aaron, thank you.

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