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Brett Holcomb
Posted Nov 12 - Read on Facebook

Framer (Sketch) importer used to ignore groups with a "-" appended to the name, but this isn't working for me now using the current importer. I suppose I could work around this in code, but was wondering if the syntax has changed or if this still works for others.

Thanks! Trying out a new workflow. :-)


Erik Edhagen

As far as I know, it does ignore layers that are hidden.

Benjamin Den Boer

Erik Edhagen hidden layers are actually also imported, but hidden in Framer as well. You can toggle the visibility of imported hidden layers.

Erik Edhagen

Thanks Benjamin. So the question remains, how do we ignore layer groups? (on the other hand, I guess hiding them is as good as ignoring them)

Brett Holcomb

Yeah, this was specifically to communicate something in the PSD that I didn't want to show up in the prototype. For instance some text that gets set with html. The main reason is so I can share the PSD and have that make sense to a designer that doesn't need to touch the code.

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