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Junki Nakayama
Posted Nov 11 - Read on Facebook

what is the best way to mirror a prototype on an iPhone fullscreen without having to do it in a browser?


Junki Nakayama

is there such a way?

Darin Dimitrov

Just add the bookmark to your homescreen.

Amy Casillas

Darin, will that run full screen? Can you provide more details? I've been trying to figure this out too.

Darin Dimitrov

Yes, the only thing that will remain visible is the status bar.

Junki Nakayama

Darin Dimitrov Thank you very much for that. You wouldn't happen to know why my touchstart and touchends aren't registering correctly?

Darin Dimitrov

You'll have to share your code.

Junki Nakayama

i have 2 layers on top of each other, and on touch start i want the top layer to not be visible and show the active layer, and on touchend of the active layer should run some function. but i have to tap it twice when mirroring.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Junki, it's likely that the top layer catches both the TouchStart and TouchEnd events first, before being hidden, resulting in you having to tap twice to run the function on the bottom (active) layer.

You could try listening to the TouchEnd event on "r.add" to run the function.

Ola Laurin

Another option is Clear Browser.

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