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José Allona
Posted Nov 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone.I'm new to framer. I have one question (I don't have a programming background): Why is there a need to set the layer when I define an animation? Why can't I reuse the same animation with a different layer?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey José, you don't necessarily have to. One thing you could do is wrap an animation within a function, and passing the layer definition as a variable.

Benjamin Den Boer

Or, even shorter:

José Allona

Oh, thats great! thanks Benjamin

Benjamin Den Boer

Bas well, the reverse function can only be used on an animation. So you need to use a variable that stores an animation. You could write "animation = layer.animate." and then later define a new variable that reverses the animation. For instance:

Emanuele Salamone

If I remember correctly, you can declare
anim = new animation
However I cannot check the docs or source right now

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