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Kristof Goossens
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi all :) I'm pretty new to coding. However Framer worked well for me to do some basic interaction prototypes. However now I want to trigger a certain animation once a draggable layer is in a certain 'area', if not it should snap back to it's original position. I tried making something only using x values & if else. But it's not really working & I don't think it's the right angle to tackle this situation. Do you guys have any clue or tips on how to make this work?


Mike Kotsch

Check the text indents. Did the same, and the only problem was the right formatting of the code.

Mike Kotsch

I can even upload some example code if you want to for this thing:

Kristof Goossens

Mmm thx man, but it looks like I can't acces the folder. The code is working now though. I was just wondering if it is possible to be more specific in the if statement. As in if x & y is inbetween this & this values.

Kristof Goossens

I'm trying it out with this now. if(YellowRing.y < 400) && (YellowRing.y > 300) && (YellowRing.x < 400) && (YellowRing.x > 200) not sure if it is the right way

Kristof Goossens

Allright it's working. Sorry for this post, I was too impatient. Thx for the help though! YellowRing.draggable.enabled = true

YellowRing.on Events.DragEnd, ->

if(YellowRing.y < 820) && (YellowRing.y > 520) && (YellowRing.x < 520) && (YellowRing.x > 220)
hueRotate: 220



properties: x:500, y:800
time: 0.2
curve: "spring(600, 30, 0)"

Stephen Crowley

Hey there ya go! Sometimes talking it out with someone listening helps :) At least it works for me

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