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Ed Chao
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

Koen, was looking at your event position correction framer. Working? Check it out. EDIT: Use event.offsetX not clientX


Koen Bok

Not a lot behind my Mac this week :-) So... is it working?

I just changed a bunch of stuff there for something I'm working on, and it works pretty well here.

Koen Bok

So make sure you have latest.

Ed Chao

just updated, still not working :/ Here's a link.

Ed Chao

btw, yeah i figure you're pretty slammed this week, so no worries if you don't get to it.

Johannes Eckert

I think this deserves an easy and transparent solution. Adding the device container shouldn't effect my event handling — this makes me anxious.
Maybe because all the math involved doing parallaxes and dragging events is always creating a knot in my head already, I don't want to work around the fact that a layer.on "click' event does not return reliable pointer results that work in relation with the clicked element

Ed Chao

Johannes Eckert I have the utmost confidence that the framer team will fix this in time.

Kevin Cannon

Ahh... So this is what's causing the problems I was posting about. Hopefully I can use it too. Agree though 100%. Just adding a container shouldn't affect anything.

Ed Chao

btw. if you aren't trying to use HammerJS, the correct way to get the event X,Y is to use event.offsetX and event.offsetY.

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