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Harold Kim
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi there, really loving Framer Studio! Thanks for bringing it into the world. Two feature requests, if that's okay. (or let me know if these features already exist! That would be fantastic)

1. One of the following: collapsible code blocks, highlight current line, or easy in-app way to split into multiple files. I often sequence multiple animations one after another (using a series of nested Utils.delay's), and it gets a little difficult to visually follow the tab stops and indent levels. I also define objects with methods that I'd like to live in a separate file.

2. Relative values. For example, being able to set y: '+=40' , which would put it 40 pixels down from its existing location. I have a few animations where images gently slide into position after "loading" (eg. from 25 pixels down at 0 opacity), and it would be nice not having to define that position explicitly.

I'm a huge GreenSock JS fan, and it still has a number of features I find essential (like timelines, sequencing animations, tweening colours), but I'm increasingly finding that Framer is good enough (GREAT) for most prototypes. Thanks again!