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Anthony Roscoe
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

Any chance of adding a XHDPI (2x) Android device to Framer Studio?


Allan Grinshtein


Nathanael Cho


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Anthony Roscoe, Allan Grinshtein - we're always open to suggestions when it comes to missing devices. Please send me an email at [email protected] with the device names so we can keep track of which ones are requested most. :-)

Anthony Roscoe

Benjamin, thanks! To be clear though its not a certain device that I am looking for just any 2x Android device would be fine. Many of us work on designs across iOS and Android where many assets are common so making mocks in 2x is much faster. Having to update everything to 3x so I can use Framer Studio for Android prototypes is a pain. Sometimes I use a function that makes all layers scale to 1.5 but that can have its own issues when using X,Y coordinates for animations, etc...

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Anthony Roscoe - thanks for clearing that up. I understand. Will definitely take this into account!

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