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David Caputo
Posted Mar 11 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone gotten a custom device to work with the included snippet? I've got the screen size rendering correctly but nothing happens when I assign a deviceImage. Are there other settings needed?


Koen Bok

You see any errors when you open the inspector?

David Caputo

Oh! Yeah it's looking for a .jp2 file. Is that the format for device images? It seems to always look for whatever path I enter appended into the DeviceImages folder. I can't find that folder though...

Hoffer Gábor

David Caputo Go to Applications/Framer Studio, right-click, "show package contents", then Contents/Resources

David Caputo

Thanks Hoffer i forgot about that trick!

Cristian Díaz Peredo

try in your
window.FramerStudioInfo.deviceImagesUrl = "images/"

will do for in-Studio testing. If you want to test in browser or publish must override line 1617 of "framer.js" with:
resourceUrl = window.FramerStudioInfo.deviceImagesUrl;

didn't find yet a way to override this from inside the Studio…

Koen Bok

I'll fix this.

David Caputo

Thanks Cristian & Koen! I was just revisiting this now that one of the platforms we build for has added a new device size to their line.

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