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Joel Leví Hernández
Posted Nov 19 - Read on Facebook

Quick question, is there any way to define a border on a given layer in framer? I know I can define it with the "styles" attribute but it is mentioned that it is not recommended as framer keeps cached these values.


Taurean Bryant

I'm just realizing this now. This seems like a really weird thing to exclude. Did you ever find a solution to this?

Joel Leví Hernández

Yes, you can change can css attributes directly with"")

Taurean Bryant

Joel Leví Hernández Fernández yeah, that was how I did it as well, but that doesn't work when applying style to states of a layer and then using

Chris Lee

shadowSpread can be used as a border sometimes, depending on what you need

Benjamin Den Boer

Taurean Bryant that actually would also work. :)
Alternatively, you could use shadowY, shadowX / style.border / style.boxShadow

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