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Koen Bok
Posted Nov 14 - Read on Facebook

Edit: everyone is invited for the Stripe event:

Hey everyone. Jorn and I are in and around SF for the next 3 weeks. We will be speaking at Google Form, Designer Fund and Stripe about Framer and prototyping in general. I will post specifics here later.

We were also thinking about setting up an office hours so we can meet some of you and spend some 1n1 time to talk about tools, prototyping or just help you out with Framer.

If you're interested, please add a comment what day of the week and time would be good for you and we'll set something up.


Koen Bok

Oh sorry Adam, we took your desk too.

Adam Michela

Honored. Will never wipe it down again.

Stephen Crowley

Won't be able to make it that way until early next year. But I hope to connect with some of you fellow Framer's around SF!

Blaine Billingsley

I'd be free anytime for that!

Chris Lee

I'd love to meet and chat on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. :)

Ed Chao

Any chance you might drop by dropbox? If not, will try to attend one of your events.

Nick Bewley

I'm in

Arlo Jamrog

I'll be at your Form talk.

Paul Knittel

Yes I'm in. I've got some availability most days, just really depends on date & time combo :)

Jungsuk Jay Lee

Tue, Wed, Fri after 6 pm would be good for me. But for this event, I'll cancel whatever I have for other days evening.

Moses Tg

Tue or Fri would be awesome. Nice FramerJS representation at FORM yesterday.

Andrew Pouliot

I'm in SF on wednesdays if you'd like to meet up and talk design tools.

Brian Nelson

Thursdays and Fridays after lunch work best for me, but I can work around your schedule and meet wherever. :)

Jorn van Dijk
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