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Luke Warda
Posted Nov 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I'm trying to prototype a mobile site with fixed element (similar to what apple does - see clip). I want to see the UI in safari get minimal as I scroll down.

However I don't want to scroll a plain inside a box container (if I do that the UI in safari stays visible all the time).

Is this possible in Framer?


Jordan Robert Dobson

You can ask Safari to default to the minimal UI if you want. But I'm not sure you can't do exactly what you want since the page acts more like a canvas.

You probably can since it's all web based but I'm not sure how.

Luke Warda

Minimal UI thing is now not supported by iOS if I'm correct. Hmm, I'll keep investigating. Right now I'm just mocking this somewhat in plain html and css

Metin Saray

Great, i couldn't figure the scroll down thing. Actually, i've always seen longer canvas and not a scroll down prototype. How did you manage it?

Danny Giebe

I heard that they removed the minimal ui thing in iOS8 again, but I didn't tested it yet. Worked fine in iOS7

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