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Dean Broadley
Posted Oct 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, quick question...How are you guys handling preloading of assets. This is specifically because dropbox public link is quite slow to load and I want to make sure everything is loaded before animating in...any help would be much appreciated :D


Rafael Puyana

I don't use any preload method but I run a compression tool in my images folder before making my prototypes public. I use ImageOptim and sometimes it cuts up to 30% of the png's size.

Dean Broadley

Thanks Rafael, i was thinking more in the way of a check to see that everything is loaded before proceeding. Something like window.onload

Rafael Puyana

Hope you get a better response soon. Cheers.

Amy Casillas

Bumping this. Dean, did you find a way to handle this?

Koen Bok

You can build something around the "load" event of a layer with an image.

Laura Galbraith

how did you end up resolving this issue?

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