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Chad Lonberger
Posted Nov 02 - Read on Facebook

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought there was a way to push commonly used classes into separate coffescript file(s)? Utils.domLoadScriptSync seems to be for compiled js?


Cemre Güngör

Doesn't work with yosemitr

Jordi Martinez Ortega

right now I have a folder where I write coffeescript files, then use Koala ( to auto compile them into .js files and then I add them to the index.html header. Framer Studio doesn't refresh when changes are compiled, but if you refresh your browser, you will see the changes

Chad Lonberger

Thanks a lot for this tip Jordi Martinez Ortega

Jordi Martinez Ortega

i'd be awesome if framer studio look at a specific folder (maybe specified through Importer) and did the same automatically

Chad Lonberger

Sounds similar to what Mike Feldstein is doing with protokit

Jordi Martinez Ortega

Yes! But it seems it's not updated to the latest CoffeeScript / Framer library...

Mike Feldstein

It's not... I'm on a road trip at the moment but I will get an update out tomorrow! In the meantime you should be able to update it by hand (right?)

Jordi Martinez Ortega

I am not sure I am doing it right. I replaced the Framer folder on the project ProtoKit created. but when I print Framer.Device I get an empty string.

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