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Rahul Dhyawala
Posted Nov 06 - Read on Facebook

I have 7 sections which are draggable to switch b/w each other (here shown 3).
Each section is scrollable vertically and draggable horizontally.
On Desktop it works fine but on touch devices :
a)Let's take the active section 2, it can't distinguish b/w drag and scroll event
b) when i drag left/right to switch sections it thinks it to be scrollX=0

How to make it work?


Koen Bok

Interesting one. Can you share the source with me?

Rahul Dhyawala

Koen Bok Here is the file: Uncomment the last line to enable scroll. On Desktop it works fine but on touch device my dragging stops due to it.... Please help out...

Rahul Dhyawala

any updates? Benjamin can u help on this

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