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Jonno Riekwel
Posted Oct 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey Koen Bok, I was wondering why I can't zoom in when I've set "Viewer" to "fullscreen". I'd love to be able to mockup a web page while working on my Macbook.


Johannes Eckert

You have to create a fake device frame for that. It's tedious, but it would actually allow you to have your prototpyped scaled and masked within a browser window, just like the devices.
I think this is documented somewhere in the docs>

David Ehlers

I definitely would like this along with simple user-defined devices

Koen Bok

Yep we should probably support this, but it's a bit harder with an infinite canvas then for fixed size devices. We need to figure out what the part is you're interested in (likely total size of all layers) and we will need to scale it from top/left rather than center.

If anyone feels adventurous:

Koen Bok

In the meantime, you can set a custom device like this:

I'll add a snippet for this.

David Ehlers

Thanks Koen - thats great.

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