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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Oct 31 - Read on Facebook

Could anyone share an example of how to create a snippet that adds some coffeescript and/or updates the CSS file of the framer project? I just don't get it! Any help is appreciated!


Koen Bok

You don't get how snippets work?

Koen Bok

Maybe that sounded snarky. I didn't mean it that way. I meant I still have to write better docs on it so I was trying to figure out if that is what you meant.

Ed Chao

good guy koen. Blaine Billingsley, in Framer Studio, you click on snippets > show snippets folder . Use the as a template

Blaine Billingsley

I know, I am a moron. It seems so easy. Making a regular snippet that adds coffeescript to the file is very straightforward, but I'd like to have a snippet that adds an @import line to the CSS of the project file, and I can't figure that out. Another thing I'd be into is a snippet that adds a JSON file in a separate file to the project so I can add in content without mucking up the Framer coffeescript view.

Blaine Billingsley

Actually, in playing with these I still have a basic question. Right now my snippets replace everything in my file with the snippet, rather than prepend/append.

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