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Will Clark
Posted Sep 26 - Read on Facebook

Two questions for everyone:

1. How do folks share prototypes with others in your company. We were using Invision previous to switching to Framer, but they don't support Framer.js prototypes (if you use Invision and want them to support Framer.js, email them please :). Dropbox doesn't seem to serve up HTML anymore. Other options?

2. Is it possible to reuse the same imported Sketch element over and over? I can't seem to figure out how to "duplicate" it to use multiple instances.


Muhammad Athar

Any updates on this? How do folks share prototypes internally these days...

Chris Camargo

Muhammad Athar We use a simple internal web server. FTP your .framer project to it, and it's easily accessible via an internal URL.

Jon Madison

i have an nginx static server internally, and have created a site where people can upload their project and share it, given an access key. only thing i don't have licked is being able to open up the zip file in Framer itself. all i have to do is make it a framer:// link?! what MIME type should i be using?

Daniel Specht

Koen Bok Forget cloud solutions like dropbox if you work for data sensitive projects. I just think that I won't buy a product (actually not even, it's borrowing) were I have to figure out a way myself how to share prototypes with my stakeholders in a easy and secure way.

Jon Madison

Agreed — gives he tool a more freelancer feel (which is cool if that’s what you’re going for) — but this is prototyping — much early work being created and shared!

Christie Gettler Tarazon

in addition, is there a way to send prototypes to non-mac users? we ended up shipping an extra MacBook to an out-of-state client so they could use our prototype....

Jon Madison

Theoretically Christie you should be able to view them in a chrome browser, if you can either share through Framer cloud or self host—

Even on the local machine you should be able to open index.html of your Framer project in chrome...

Sergi Bosch

there's a lot of value in simply videotaping the flows you are demoing, and sharing a mp4 with your colleagues. Unless you are testing usability and need these users to tap on things.

Davo Galavotti
Andreas Mitschke

I'm not sure how inVision could import framer prototypes.

I mean I'd totally like to become inVision a Quartz/Framer with a simple visual control, but I don't know how they could import js files.

Will Clark

Andreas Mitschke iFrame it with all their other tools still available.

Andreas Mitschke

ah well... got me. Simplest solution ;)

Christy Yang

Are you using framer studio? If it's just computer to computer, I just copy and paste the mirroring url and have them view in browser

Will Clark

Christy Yang Yes, but we have two offices so I'm trying to share to folks in the other office. Wish we had a vpn between the two but we don't.

Nikola Durkan

I usually put my projects in the public folder on Dropbox and then just share a public link for index.html

Seoh Char

1. Google Drive/Dropbox Shared Folder could be an answer.
2. If you are opening Sketch, just import again. or just copy `imported` folder in your framer project.

Mike Meyer

Dropbox shared folders are (at least as of a few months ago) problematic. If you’re comfortable with the prototype being (potentially) publicly accessible, you can drop the prototypes into your Dropbox Public folder. Relative URLs work in the Public folder.

You can copy a link to your prototype by right-clicking on the HTML file in your Public folder and clicking “Copy public link”.

If you don’t have a Public folder (newer accounts don’t), you can enable it on the Dropbox website:

Koen Bok

One thing that I was thinking to make is supporting framer:// links. That way you can just install Framer Studio anywhere and send someone something like framer:// and it would just open.

Koen Bok

Would that help for this scenario?

Will Clark

Koen Bok I'm trying to share with stakeholders that don't have framer studio, so no, not really in this case.

Mike Meyer

Koen It’d be cool if there was a separate Framer viewer app that handled framer:// links, so that people who just want to check out a prototype could download a free app instead of worrying about licensing stuff.

Koen Bok

But can they install it? I mean I can make Framer free forever to just view documents.

Mike Meyer

Ooooh, now that’s an interesting idea.

Will Clark

Koen Bok Oh sure, installing an app is no problem at all.

Koen Bok

Ok. I'll think a bit more about this and move it up the list.

Koen Bok

Would also be cool if you could add things to the url like ?view=fullscreen to hide the code or go to present directly.

Arlo Jamrog

I might be going out on a limb here but find get basic FTP access and post the project directory there? Takes 2 seconds.

Koen Bok

Arlo yep, that works fine too. But FTP isn't fancy anymore ;-)

Arlo Jamrog

Koen Bok I guess it's a generation gap thing.

Juan Sanchez

This is a request that came up during a presentation I gave on Framer. Features like hosting, password protection, etc. were mentioned. Initially, I had imagined something like what Prototypes was doing:, but I think starting with something simple would be great.

For us, we have a Rails project that we've paired with S3 (upload using Transmit) that has password protection and lists prototypes that viewers can get access to.

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