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Ben Weiss
Posted Nov 04 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have a good/simple example and materials of importing and animating elements from Sketch that they can post?

I am struggling to get it up and running.


Juan Sanchez

Here's a project I was playing with to test Sketch import: and it looks like:

You can click the avatar, drag the chat bubbles and click the input to bring up the keyboard. It's far from anything complete, but I was just testing some things. Sketch file is included.

Ben Weiss

Many thanks!

Joshua Crowley

I've made a snippet to help you get started with the Sketch import. I'm no expert myself, took me a while to figure out. Doesn't seem to be good documentation on the site specific to Sketch.

Måns Peterson

Joshua Crowley, can't get it to work though...

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