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Metin Saray
Posted Oct 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

2 quick questions

1) How do you make Translucent Blurry Background in Framer. When importing from Sketch, it does not work.

2)How to reverse Staggering animation in CoffeeScript. (e.g reversing the for count in [1..6] myLayers("item" + count)) Basically i want to handle the items by starting 6 to 1

Thanks in advance,


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Metin,

1. You can use the blur property to blur layers. If you'd like to blur a layer while keeping its edges defined, simply place it within a superLayer:

Benjamin Den Boer

2. You can literally reverse the order of your loop:

for count in [6..1] # Ranges from 6 to 1

Metin Saray

Benjamin Den Boer thanks, but i couldn't get it to work, its still animating my objects all at once. Or starts from 1 again. Ill delve deeper though!

Metin Saray

Also i couldnt see app.js in folders to write js, is it something i should create? If so, do i need to edit the html file too?

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