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Venkat Reddy
Posted Oct 26 - Read on Facebook

hey guys...I am trying to play around with FramerJS...For some reason designs which were all SVG in Sketch and look sharp on retina mac look pixalated when I preview them in FramerJS. Any ideas why? posting examples


Andreas Mitschke

SVGs are vector containers, there's no way to get em "pixelated" as there are no pixels. I don't know how the importer from framer studio works as I don't use it, but it may convert sketch files to pixel files e.g. jpg.

In this case, did you insert that file as a background layer ? Then it will stretch to canvas size making it "unsharp".

Venkat Reddy imports them as png's...playing around a seems okay now...not sure what happened there...

Venkat Reddy

Thanks so much Andreas Mitschke....

Andreas Mitschke

You helped yourself bud. Pad yourself for solving your problem ;) you're welcome

Seoh Char

i'm not sure it's solution, but i hope `layer.force2d = true` could help you

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