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Philipp Wambach
Posted Nov 01 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
i just finished my first Framer prototype and wanted to share it here. It’s kind of a checklist for an app i’m planing. Obviously influenced by material design :) Have to say Framer is really awesome! Had some trouble first but the docs and the fb group (if you find the old posts :) ) really helped out. Would love to hear some suggestions/improvements.

PS: I think a once/one listener for the layer would be a nice addition


Nick Matarese

Looks great. The back animation might be a tad fast but the confirmation fill and close looks awesome!

Andreas Mitschke

Awesome... will you publish the code of it as well? Would be a great resource to learn from.

Adam Laskowitz

Looks great!

David Ehlers


Philipp Wambach

thanks, Nick Matarese yes you are right. the problem is that the speed depends on the distance. have to find another solution for that

Philipp Wambach

Andreas Mitschke sure, give me some time to clean the code :) was a bit dirty in the end. i will post it afterwards

Andreas Mitschke

Would be great if you could send me a bin from the cluttered code, cluttered code is sometimes underestimated. It's always nice to see how others tinker around to get something to work before cleanup.

Thanks for your effort and contribution. ^^

Luka Marčec

This is amazing!

Thomas Aylott

I love material design so much. This looks and feels really good. Stuff like this raises the bar for the rest of us. Thanks for the inspiration

Jon Soini

Nice work! commenting so I can come back and find this later


impressed nice use of material design

Philipp Wambach
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