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Metin Saray
Posted Oct 28 - Read on Facebook


Quick question;
When i import my design from Sketch to Framer, my canvas gets imported a bit smaller than the iphone. My canvas is 640x1136 which is the Sketch template, but i don't get why it imports smaller.



Darin Dimitrov

You're probably using the default device view, which is an iPhone 6. Try switching to an iPhone 5s.

Metin Saray

Thanks Darin Dimitrov

Dean Broadley

Metin I'm having a similar issue whee in Framer Studio my designs positioning and size seems out of whack, and if i send someone a link to view on Desktop the positioning is off on the rendered device. Darin any work arounds for this?

The prototype works & looks fine on actual devices, Im using relative screen width dimensions to position everything...

Any help here would be much appreciated! :D

Metin Saray

Dean Broadley hey dean, a side note of you're using sketch, if your x and y rulers are not at 0, your framer canvas will also be positioned incorrect, according to your ruler

Dean Broadley

Ah ok, that's it possible to change this, post-import?

Metin Saray

You can always turn on your ruler, and make sure they are at 0 on both dimensions. Then you can import it again. It'll rearrange the canvas. I had a strange 2px white space on top in my prototype, it was because of the ruler.

Dean Broadley

Awesome, I'll try that out

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