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Diogenes Brito
Posted Dec 02 - Read on Facebook

Anyone know how to fix the issue where viewing a framer prototype on a real device shows images larger than they are supposed to be?

If I take a screenshot of an iPhone 6, then add that as a layer at 100% size (didn't set height or width, just imported it) to my framer prototype, viewing it in a full-screen ios webview shows it larger than the screen.

For the record, I'm using the latest framer studio on Yosemite.


Harry Copeman

Setting the width + height usually does the trick for me.

Diogenes Brito

Looks like it may be some webview weirdness, as it is working in mobile Safari at actually size, but not the ClearBrowser app. It also worked in 1/2 of the other two chromeless browsers I tried.

Annika Matta

Hey Diogenes! I'm having the same issue and none of my chrome-less webkit-enabled browsers are working. Which one worked for you?

Annika Matta

Came up with another solution: Like Harry suggested, set the width of the overall layer to 640/750 to scale it down to the correct size

Diogenes Brito

I didn't have any luck with chromeless browsers, but adding the prototype url to my home screen approximated what I wanted. Main issue is the status bar info still appears.

Giovanni Caruso

Having the same issue using ProtoKit. It seems to work only for iPhone 5S ...

Diogenes Brito

I don't know how they did it, but these people made it work:

Diogenes Brito

I don't have the size issue when I use frameless, although they really don't give you any help with getting a url into the app side from paste.

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