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Nelu Cebotari
Posted Oct 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! What do you think, it is possible to learn framer in one week, without knowing javasript? I am planning to learn it anyway, but I have to make some prototypes for an app in a week. I could make them easily in sketch and import in framer. Developer recommends Axure (have to make prototype from scratch) but i'm not really sure if it's worth learning a new tool for just one project...


Metin Saray

You use CoffeeScript for that, which will take less time to figure compared to JS

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Nelu! It's definitely possible to start creating functional prototypes in a week. Every bit of JavaScript (and CoffeeScript) that you pick up along the way is valuable and can be applicable elsewhere, too.

I'd recommend browsing the learn pages and exploring some examples. Copy and pasting chunks of functional code goes a long way when starting out. Feel free to post any question you have in the group, or send me a message here on Facebook, I'd be happy to help!

Stephen Crowley

Hey Nelu welcome to the Framer community! I bet you can get a simple something up and running in a lunch break. Definitely use as a guide and feel free to ask for code help in the group if you get stuck. Choosing a prototyping tool all depends on how well it will help you get to your goals, whether that is just communicating an idea with your team or rapidly exploring multiple ideas. Personally, I love how Framer allows me to explore an idea quickly that would have been complex and time consuming otherwise.

Andreas Mitschke

If you don't need to show complicated interaction animations then invision or flinto would be the better choice. Regarding one week you are not in the stage to care for those animations anyways.

Framer is as Quartz better suited to visualize complicated scenes. For simple user-task flows I wouldn't waste time with using framer nor QC.

If the developer is recommending Axure he is not talking about what QC or Framer is made for, he is simply asking for a general vision hence what mockups are made for.

Axure is a mockup tool like Balsamiq and OmniGraffle or Pencil. The easier the better, which is why I'd recommend Balsamiq and Pencil.

Framer and QC is overkill for this job... and a waste of time.

Chris McDonnell

Hi Nelu, I agree with Stephen that you should choose the tool that suits your objective. You can learn it in a week, but a lower fidelity tool may get you there in minutes instead of hours or days. Ask yourself questions like, what do I want to learn from making the prototype? Am I using it for testing, or to communicate with a teammate?

Nelu Cebotari

It will be used for testing in first place. Found, looks interesting meanwhile..

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