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Luke Warda
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

HI guys. I'm trying to prototype an address form with different states of input based on input state (unfocused, focused, filled in etc). I want to later save that into a variable and render in another layer. Is this something Framer could be used for?


Koen Bok

Definitely. If it's for web, you could even re-use your logic online if you set it up cleanly.

Luke Warda


Dean Broadley

Luke Warda Im busy with a similar issue, did you get yours working?

Luke Warda

Hi dean, nope, I've done it quick and dirty in But would love an example of how to achieve this in Framer

Dean Broadley

Ah, ok cool! I'll keep figuring...If i find anything i shall let you know!

Vaibhav Kanwal

Dean Hi! Sorry for bumping this after so long but I need some help trying to get an event to work in onFocus in framer. Any pointers?

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