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Shane Brown
Posted Oct 22 - Read on Facebook

I'm having trouble getting animation to work. In my prototype I want the change in fan speed mode to change the rotation speed of the fan icon, but I've found that it either glitches out (slows-down and stutters) or just doesn't respond and eventually stops (despite being set to repeat: 10000) .

I set this up outside of the project into a clean file and screen capped it (attached), switching between different animations by turning on and off the animations I had for the layer, which you can see doesn't function as I'd expect. I've also tried with adjusting the time (rather than rotation speed) which has a similar effect.

How should I be doing this?

code is pasted here:


Andreas Wahlström

Try changing the animation property to: newLayer.rotationz + 360. This way we'll know that it will spin a full 360 degrees from whatever position it's initiated from. Here's some demo code with the fix:

Shane Brown

Thanks Andreas!

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