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Christy Yang
Posted Nov 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I'm trying to prototype an app that has a video which stimulates a portion of the app that is complex to code. The problem is that on chrome (android), the video doesn't load the first image and is just black until tapped. Once tapped, it has a pretty bad lag too.

Anybody know what is happening and what I can do? It needs to live on an android device.


Christy Yang

cc Koen Bok

Benjamin Den Boer

Are you autoplaying the video?

There are a series of events that occur when loading videos:
1. loadstart
2. durationchange
3. loadedmetadata
4. loadeddata
5. progress
6. canplay
7. canplaythrough

The last (canplaythrough) can be particularly useful, as it only fires when a video can be played all the way through.

Koen Bok

Mobile browsers have their own rules for playing video that you can't work around, except when using a native wrapper (like Clear). On Android I don't really know what to do to get it to work. Any Android experts here?

Christy Yang

Yeah even on autoplay it's just black

Noam Elbaz

Christy Yang its not an exciting work around - but.... Animated GIFs.

Christy Yang

Noam Elbaz this may be an elementary question but, how do you load animated gifs in Framer?

Stephen Crowley

Christy Yang - treat a gif like any ol' image. when you define your layer add the image: 'images/myvideo.gif'

Christy Yang

Haha thank you!

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