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Juan Sanchez
Posted Oct 23 - Read on Facebook

I've had this idea for a while now and finally have a chance to explore it using Framer.

I call it drag to post, which basically means you pull a content area down to reveal some posting actions. While dragging vertically, you can also drag horizontally allowing to make a selection. If you pull down far enough and release while an action is selected, you go to a screen that allows you to perform that action.

This example is a little rough still, but I was happy to see it come together. I think it could be especially useful on larger devices because you can pull down from anywhere on the screen and access the option you want without too much strain.


Stephen Crowley

Neat concept :) so to cancel the action you'd slide your finger (or thumb) back up?

Craig Murray

This is badass. Great idea and prototype, man!

Juan Sanchez

Yes, slide back up above the vertical threshold for posting. Might be nice to make that a bit more obvious.

Craig Murray

Will you be sharing the source for this?

Juan Sanchez

Yes, I can package up the source. It's pretty rough ;-)

Austin Sarner


Stephen Crowley

Yeah, hmm just riffing on the idea... Maybe as you slide up the icons become progressively transparent (to 0) ? A progressive fade out of the action icons could communicate the notion that they are in an inactive state.

Juan Sanchez

Here's the source: and a link to the prototype:

Note: The drag position is off when viewing in a browser window that's larger than the device viewport.

Craig Murray

Thx Juan Sanchez

Nick Matarese

Nice concept! With devices growing bigger hamburger menus and top heavy navs need some new thinking.

Juan Sanchez

Thanks! Makes me think this could also be used almost like a hidden tab bar for navigation as well.

Nick Matarese

Juan thats exactly what i was thinking. Similar to the tab menus that appear only on scroll up of list. Apples spotlight on iOS uses a similar interaction as well.

Johannes Eckert

awesome concept. I think you are affected by the device class messing with the positoning of your interactions, because the device is calculated. Koen Bok posted some solution for that and maybe Framer will be able to make the math for you

Ed Chao

brilliant work


very nice

Simon Rood

Love it !

Guy Cohen

Cool Stuff!

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