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Darin Dimitrov
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

I'm experiencing a conflict between DragEnd and Click. I'm trying to recreate the amazing Lettepress by Loren Brichter just for fun. Each time I start a drag, a click is also detected, and DragEnd and Click are supposed to do different things in this workflow. Any ideas?


Seoh Char

my answer is a flag for dragging/touching.
but somebody could have simpler answer.

not improtnat if you are not familliar with code, internally click is same event of TouchEnd. `Events.Click = Events.TouchEnd`. you can see that in `` of framer project.

Darin Dimitrov

Thanks! It works beautifully, I wonder why it's not implemented this way in Framer.

Seoh Char

imho, it was just less priority. only KOEN knows :p

Koen Bok

Nope, I have to add something for this. I'm just trying to think what a nice way to do it would be.

Nick Bewley

On the same note having a problem distinguishing between `DragStart` and `Click`. Cha's solution doesn't work here.. Any other ideas?

Seoh Char

Bewley it needs another approach. it's a practical solution, not logically. i'm not sure it's best way but can be solved most situation.

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