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Phil Salesses
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

If I wanted to create an app with a scalable number of screens and animate between them, how could I best structure this? Last week I prototyped an app with maybe 30 screens with custom animations between them. At first, for each screen, I would have a setup, animateIn and animateOut functions. But the functions can vary depending on which screen you're animating from or to. This is where all complexity comes from. I ended up writing specific functions for animateScreen1toScreen2Out. I'd ideally like to use a state machine for variables, but it seems like I can only do this per layer and I'd need an array to keep track of each variable for each screen instead. Which makes code more complex in the end.


Guus Baggermans

You can take a look at the Potluck Onboarding example, and then specifically at the 'changeScene(scene)' function:

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