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Farbod Faramarzi
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

Hi, im using states to move a image in x. Is there anyway to make the image "repeat" itself? I want the image to "restart" itself after I hit the last state. But I do not want it to "rewind" to the beginning. Any ideas?


Benjamin Den Boer

Would you like it instantly switch to the first state after reaching the last, without animation?

Farbod Faramarzi

I just want to prevent it from rewinding the picture. So maybe with an animation. Does this make any sense? :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Could you attach an example file? I'm not quite sure I understand. Would you like the image to stop toggling states after a certain state has been reached?

Farbod Faramarzi

Sure, I'll try to wrap something up asap. Thanks.

Alejandro Cámara López

Maybe adding one more state that makes the image opacity = 0 so when it goes back to default you won't see the "rewind" effect. Remember putting opacity =1 in default state

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