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Rahul Dhyawala
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

On touch devices, if a scroll area has clickable content, when scrolling over a clickable element ,the element gets activated(It is taking scroll as touchevent and treating it as click event). Is there someway to fix it. It is also happening in the framer example :


Stephen Crowley

There probably is a better way but I once did on.scroll with empty click events for the elements I wanted to disable. You could add on the click element to check if your on scroll is being fired and if so do nothing?

Philipp Wambach

A quick fix could be to use the native 'click' event instead of Events.Click on the clickable element inside the scroll layer

Rahul Dhyawala

Philipp Wambach Unable to run native click event in framer. I tried using 1) PSD.mybox.addEventListener "click", ->
2 )PSD.mybox.onclick = ->
3) document.getElementsByName("mybox").onclick = ->

Philipp Wambach

if mybox is your layer try mybox.on "click", ->

Rahul Dhyawala

Thanx works

Mike Johnson

this needs to be in the docs. Wasted a good hour trying to find this single simple solution.

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