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Cemre Güngör
Posted Oct 21 - Read on Facebook

Any tips on animating on an arc? I'm trying to make something "jump" in the Z dimension.


Ryhan Hassan

Put it in a container view that moves with the initial velocity vector you want.

Koen Bok

Also, you can animate originX, originY

Andy Cetnarskyj

I was about to ask a similar question about animating around a circle. For arc's and circles do you need to use radius math?

Emanuele Salamone

According to this:
the magic value to approximate a circle with a bezier is 0.55.
So this would be the bezier for the "rising" part:,.55,.55,1
And this for the "falling" part:,0,1,.55

Koen Bok

What about some proper arc math for inspiration boom:

Buck Wilson

Ryhan Hassan can you provide a simple example of this in action?

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