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Koen Bok
Posted Oct 20 - Read on Facebook

I noticed some people are experiencing rendering issues after some changes I made to the animation loop. I added some settings so you guys can help me better understand what matters where.

If you have rendereing issues can you play with the following two settings on top of your document and report which ones fix or cause problems for you? Please include your device and browser too.

Make sure you update to the latest Framer with File > Update Framer = null = 1/60


Framer.Loop.raf = true
Framer.Loop.raf = false


Longer technical explanation:

There are two settings that have an influence on how your loop renders.

1) (<number> default null)

If this is set, Framer will use the value as a fixed time between every rendering step, rather than the actual time that passed. Beacuse requestanimationframe gets called more or less dynamically based on what you are doing (tab in foreground, etc), I suspect this might mess up the timing and cause animation glitches.


# Make the time ticks a "fixed" 1/60 of a second. = 1/60

2) Framer.Loop.raf (<boolean> default depends on browser)

There is a bug in WebKit2/Yosemite that causes pure raf animations in combination with 3d transforms (2d seems fine) to stutter. I filed a bug and Apple knows about it. The simple workaround seemed to be to add an extra delay after requestanimationframe is called.

# Include workaround for a WebKit2 browser bug
Framer.Loop.raf = false



Koen Bok

I'm also pretty curious what Julian Shapiro thinks about all this.

Shane Brown

updated in the other post, but this bug came and went and came back for me. Trying the above didn't appear to work in fixing the issue when the bug was occurring, but previewing the app under Mavericks had no issue.

Since the update to 1.9 I've also encountered these glitches on mobile (making it unusable).

Koen Bok

I'll investigate this further Shane, but I'm starting to think this is a bug in WebKit2, and not in Framer itself.

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