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Arsen Batyuchok
Posted Oct 17 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, just started playing around with the tool and recognized that I am probably having some issues with importing a mockup from SketchApp to Framer. So, the problem is when I import my mockup, the left side of it looks a little bit cropped. I used iPad Landscape Orientation mockup (2048x1536). My mockup seemed to be well scructured according to the Docs. Do you know what could be the root of the problem? Also, when I use Landscape Orientation mode using Viewer->Device->iPad Air - it just turns black. Providing screenshots for better understanding.
Sketch Original Mockup:
When imported to Framer.JS:
iPad Air:
Thank you in advance.


Oleksii Pishtar

are you sure you have artboart in sketch ?

Arsen Batyuchok

Okay, I figured out the first problem, just for Sketch-Framer.JS users to know: before importing a mockup from Sketch, be sure that your primary artboard that you are importing is located on position set to 0. That fixes the first issue. Still looking for some workaround regarding iPad.

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